Hand-crafted soaps
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Alpha Bulles is Gâtine's own hand-made soap producer.

We make soaps which are gentle and care for your skin, whatever type, because their ingredients are of the highest quality, sourced locally and always environmentally-friendly.

We use the cold pressed method which allows the vegetable oils and essential oils to maintain their integrity and their natural properties

Our products are healthy and good for you but also for the environment because every stage of the process is ethically and ecologically correct. This includes using minimal packaging, biodegradable materials, avoiding the use of palm oil, making sure the products are not harmful to animals, using the cold pressing method...

We also sell accessories such as soap holders, exfoliating sponges, soap bags, washcloths, facecloths...

You can find our products on direct sale locally at regional markets and farmers markets

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

Le Plessis, 79420 Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux

Tel : 06 33 58 16 56


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