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Fanny produces her works of art by 2 methods:  knife paintings in acrylics or pen and ink drawings. Her pictures are inspired by the Gâtine where she was born and raised. He long walks in the country in search of ideas allow her to get away from the frantic pace of modern life and reconnect with the earth.

Working with acrylics, building up layers of different colours and depths, allows the picture to grow and develop until it reaches the stage where it is emotionally complete. Pen and ink drawing she first does preparatory sketches. This is followed by long detailed work, building up the image tiny mark by tiny mark. Then colours are added for the final effect. In each picture she is looking for the moment when the image projects the same emotional response as the original scene.

Through her work as an artist, Fanny hopes to share her insights into the natural world and make people rethink their relationship with nature

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