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Published in 2008, the reference book ‘Gâtine Local History’ includes a chapter on every commune which existed at that point. From Moncountant to St Pompain and from Meningoute to St Généroux, without forgetting its main centre, Parthenay. It is set out in themes making it easy for you to follow your interest across the whole territory, whether it is religion, buildings, school architecture, monuments to the dead, trade in the past, housing…..

Booklets about Local History

One of these booklets recounts the life of an important historical figure, Arthur of Richmond, the Lord of Parthenay, who was a Constable to the French Crown and Duke of Brittany. Another deals with laws and common customs during the middle ages in the Poitou region

Short Information Brochures

For example these will answer all your questions about Parthenay Castle or construction in the middle ages. NB all of these contain substantial passages quoting original material which is in old French and therefore hard even for French speakers to interpret. It is not available in English.

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