Release your tensions, improve your health, feeling good in his body and in his head with the shiatsu massage
Shiatsu Amma shiatsu trad amma


A Japanese massage therapy, Shiatsu increases mobility, suppleness and general bodily well-being.

Using pressure along the acupuncture lines, shiatsu allows tensions to dissipate whether physical, mental or emotional.

After an initial assessment I will work out a treatment regime matched to your particular needs. Then I can start the massage using the shiatsu centres and acupuncture lines which best suit your body and focus on your particular stress points. The pressure and stretching used will affect your blood and lymph circulation, your nervous system, your hormone levels and your digestion in order to care for the whole of your body. I use other techniques as well: for example 'Chi Nei Tsang' which involves massaging the internal organs and bowels, or again 'Moxibustion' which involves using heat to stimulate the acupuncture points, and finally the use of suction pads, in tandem with any of the other methods.

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Items Price
Shiatsu Pédiatrique jusqu\'à 12 ans 30
Shiatsu traditionnel 50
Chi Nei Tsang 50
Entretien psycho-énergétique 50
Soin énergétique 50

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