Beef from the Gâtine's own Parthenay breed sold in your local butchers & caterers
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Quality meat

Pascal Delumeau a butcher with 40 years experience, selects his carcasses and cuts them up in the traditional fashion which includes allowing the meat to mature for a better flavour. He buys his beef and lamb from local producers in the Gâtine. He also sells veal, pork and poultry which have been reared in healthy conditions which respect the environment and fed on naturally grown not processed foods for a better flavour.

Special dishes

At different times of the year, your butcher prepares special meats to help you savour the meats in other forms. In winter for example you can buy paupiettes de veau forestières (slices of veal wrapped around sausagemeat and mushrooms) or duck stuffed with figs ready for roasting. Whereas in summer  it is marinades and kebabs to put on the barbeque.

Cooked meats section and catering selections

The shop has a wide range of cooked meats including their well known homemade pork rillettes.  Catering platters include salads as well as cooked meats and a selection of ready-meals are also available.


Where to find us and what to do near by ?

79 rue du Bourg Belais, 79200 Parthenay

Tel : 05 49 64 02 71


Payment methods

Accepte la Gatinelle

Opening hours

Lundi, mardi, jeudi et vendredi : de 8h00 à 12h30 et de 15h00 à 19h00 Mercredi : de 8h00 à 13h00 Samedi : de 8h00 à 14 h00

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