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Our association aims to gather together all those who want to contribute to the economic development of the Gâtine Poitevine and to make it more attractive to tourists.
If the riches of this natural countryside became better known, that would give us great satisfaction.
If this project appeals to you, then why not join us!

10 good reasons for becoming a member

  • Reap the benefits of being in a dynamic network: help and advice beween members has already allowed members to make significant improvements.
  • Make your business stand out: you will automatically be entitled to a full page with 4 sections and photos on our website.
  • Get your special offers out there by adding your business to those in the Gâtine Box, a collection of local offers to tempt the recipients of the Box.
  • Sell more by using the Gâtine Marché. Tap in to new client bases online and with minimal commission.
  • Increase your purchasing power and that of your clients: trading in Gâtinelles gives you a 5% bonus.
  • Give a boost to the lesser known areas of the Gâtine by sharing what you know with others and getting to know them and their area in return. 
  • Switch  your thinking about money, the local currency is for spending not hoarding. 
  • Help us to change attitudes in favour of buying locally and trying more of the healthy foodstuffs grown or raised nearby.
  • Do your bit towards sustainable development by respecting the environment and cutting down on kilometres. 
  • Become an advocate for the area’s economic development by actively spreading the association’s aims and activities to as many others as possible!

To find out more

You may ask to see the following documents:

  • Our statutes
  • Our project
  • Our mission statement

Once we have received your membership application form and the fee, we will send your password giving you access to your own account space on the association’s website. You can then decide what text and photos will best present and publicise your activity (help is available if you need it) 

Looking forward to welcoming you to our association,

Bernard MERLET


To Request a membership application form:

    * Les informations saisies dans ce formulaire seront utilisées dans le cadre de ma demande, et de la relation commerciale qui peut en découler, comme décrit dans les mentions légales. Je l'accepte et peux à tout moment exercer mes droits en consultant les mentions légales.