Pay in Gatinelles

What are Gâtinelles ?

They are the notes (no coins) which make up our local currency, which can be used between members instead of euros. 

The aim of a local currency is to support and encourage growth in the local economy.

How do these Gâtinelles help the local economy ?

  • by encouraging purchasers to buy locally and members to buy amongst themselves thus creating greater circulation. In this way more of the wealth created in the area is spent in the area instead of going to national chains. The local economy and residents therefore benefit.
  • by ringfencing the euros used to buy gâtinelles to finance local projects.
  • and, most of all, by increasing the amount of money in circulation in the  Gâtine, local prosperity improves.

And what do I get out of it ?

Every time you change 100 € into gâtinelles, you receive 105 gâtinelles. As each  gâtinelle is worth a euro, your purchasing power has just increased by 5 % 
In Addition you can take pride in contributing to the local economy at no cost to yourself!

Join us in this adventure, and leave your mark on local history. Using the Gâtine’s own money will make a difference !

What is Gâtin’Emois ?

Gâtin’Emois is a local association which has developed a dynamic network based on solidarity, the sharing of ideas and mutual help.

The main aim of the association is to protect and promote the Gâtine Poitevine. It is recognised and  supported in this aim by Nouvelle Aquitaine, the Pays de Gâtine, the chambers of commerce, the departmental Tourist Development Agency and the Gâtine Tourist Board.

You can get involved and support our work by becoming a member. Membership for individual businesses costs 50 €. There are group rates available on enquiry. And of course you do not need to be a member to support us by changing some euros into gâtinelles and spending them locally!


How do Gâtinelles work ?

You can change euros into gâtinelles in one of our bureaux de change spread out across the area. You become a member of the association by paying a symbolic 1 €.

For every 100 € exchanged, you receive 105 gâtinelles. So you improve your purchasing power by 5 %.

You can then use your gâtinelles in any shops displaying the sticker « J’accepte les Gâtinelles ».

Have a look at the map to find out where else you can spend them.

Gâtinelles can’t be changed back into euros except by participating businesses who pay a small commission. They have to be used by a certain date which is stamped on the back (currently December 2019) 

By using Gâtinelles, you are contributing to the financial welbeing of the Gâtine.