Unusual Cabin Accommodation, Kota-Grill meals


Coté-Kota welcomes you to its unusual holiday accommodation, Nordic bath and grill, right in the middle of the lovely Gâtine countryside 

Nordic Bath

Relax in this outdoor hot-tub whatever the weather! In fact when it is cold or raining the sensation is even better! The water is heated by a wood stove and is up to 40°C. The tub seats 6-7 so come with your friends and have an hour of total relaxation. The lip of the tub is plenty wide enough for your drinks and snacks and for candles if you are taking a bath at night.

Romantic Getaway in a 2 berth cabin

Wooden cabin, beautifully furnished, comfy bed behind draped curtains... what more is needed for a romantic stay?

Surrounded by trees and with views out over the countryside, this is an ideal place to relax away from day to day pressures

Your attentive hostess, Pascale, is ready to answer your questions and to make your stay both comfortable and memorable!


This is another wooden cabin, circular with a charcoal grill in the centre. The grill is encircled by a table and chairs to seat eight diners comfortably. The food you order is all provided (salads, desserts etc in the fridge) and then it is up to you to grill the meat and enjoy! Pascale's menus focus on high-quality locally-produced ingredients. Drinks are available for you to buy as needed.

With friends or family this is a wonderful way to spend an evening together, eat, drink, chat and relax and maybe later on play one of the games provided.

Contact Pascale on 07 67 69 28 84 ... she will be happy to discuss what you want and to make sure your stay , your meal or your bath will be just perfect!

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

2 la Vignelière , 79240 Vernoux-en-Gâtine


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7 jours sur 7 Tél : 07 67 69 28 84

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