Cyril Obach's Second-hand Shop


Cyril's shop is at the top of the medieval street in Parthenay's historic quarter and you are bound to find it charming!

In it you will find furniture and household items from every era!

Cyril sells everything, he provides expert advice, he helps people sort out what has value in an inheritance, he clears houses and then resells whatever there was inside. Despite his main expertise being in antique furniture back as far as the middle ages, his shop has become more and more general. If it can't be sold it is recycled, re-used in another form, turned into kindling: very very little is thrown away. It's his contribution to protecting the planet.

He resells top quality items down to basic functional items. House clearance is often free, depending on what there is inside.

Cyril  and his wife also have comfortable Bed and Breakfast rooms to let in the house next door, for a pleasant stay in this magnificent old town. 

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

10 Place du Vauvert , 79200 Parthenay


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