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'Découx Pub et Sport' is not a pub! It specialises in publicity especially for sportspeople. For example if you belong to an amateur cycling club you can have your shirts printed with the club name. Not only the shirt but the cycling shorts or leggings, tops or jackets, gloves.... Not just on clothes: when you want to make the club better known they can put your name and logo on big banners, flags, signposts, badges, team numbers, bike frames, cups and trophies...

You want your clothing in the team's colours? No problem they can make T-shirts, caps, polo shirts, etc etc

They print on fabrics, plastics, metal, glass.... so you want your car,  your tent, your stall, your mascot to have the logo? No problem!

And then of course you want your fame to travel, so you need small gifts in your club colours and with the club name on, that you can give away at events, send to friends and promoters. Découx has a wide range of personalisable small useful objects for you to choose from!

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