Goat and pig farm, cheese makers, brewers


Marie Ristor and Romain Le Dret settled in Vernoux-en-Gâtine at the farm called La Martinière in 2019. On these 45 hectares they have 220 goats and pigs as well. Everything is done between the two of them and they grow all the fodder needed for their animals in winter on their own land. They make their cheeses on site and have now started to sell beers.

Romain has been brewing since 2013 but on a small scale. He has recently increased output by building a bigger brewhouse and he grows most of the ingredients on the farm. He grows the barley, then sends the grain to be malted by a specialist malthouse. Only the hops are bought in from elsewhere. After the first fermentation has stopped the liquid is filtered to remove the sediment (this reduces a brew of 400l to around 350l) Each brew needs 150kg of barley and there are two stages of fermentation, each lasting a month: the first in the fermenting vessel, the second in the bottle to provide the fizz. After that it is ready to drink!

They sell their produce at several local markets, but notably at La Fabrik at Château Boudin (commune of St Pardoux-Soutiers) on Friday evenings, at Niort on saturday mornings and at Verruyes the first sunday morning of the month.

They also sell direct from the farm on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm. Give them a ring on 05 49 70 68 71

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

la Martinière , 79240 Vernoux-en-Gâtine


Payment methods

Accepte la Gatinelle

Opening hours

A la ferme , sur divers marchés de producteurs de la région, au petit marché de la Fabrik à Château Bourdin chaque vendredi soir. Tél : 05 49 70 68 71

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