Traditionally made cheeses, dairy products


Le Coteau Dairy produces traditional cheeses from unpasteurised goat's milk.

The Gâtine has a range of traditional cheeses which derive their flavours from the composition of the local soil and local, time-honoured cheese-making methods.

Each goat's cheese tastes different according to how long it has been matured. These fall into categories called fresh, half dry, creamy, dry and mature. Goat's cheese blends well with a wide range of spices. Try out our cheeses whether new or matured according to your taste.

Goat's cheese is good to eat at any time of day, from a quick snack to serious cheese tasting. Try mixing them on the platter and wake up your tastebuds by eating a little of each!

Regis trained as a cheesemaker and it shows in his products, but he has now added other high-quality dairy produce to his range.

You can buy from the farm shop and he also has a stall at the markets in Parthenay, Lezay and St Maixent!

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14 rue des chaumes, 79310 Saint-Pardoux

Tel : 05 49 63 41 06

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Magasin à la fromagerie du lundi au samedi de 9h à 12h15 plus le vendredi après-midi de 16h à 19h Tél : 05 49 63 41 06

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