Relaxation Therapy, Tarot Readings, Medium Consultations


Relaxation therapy is a mix of yoga, hypnosis and meditation. These techniques help you to better understand yourself and to confront the everyday trials of life with serenity.

Relaxation therapy is accessible to everyone and can be adapted to fit the needs and constraints of people of any age.

The exercises are straightforward and easy to do whenever faced by situations which start to stress, in order to:   lessen anxiety, sleep better, control certain addictions, deal with stress and emotional states, re-establish a state of wellbeing, help women through childbirth and afterwards, prepare for exams, develop creativity, give children to ability to concentrate, listen and respond better, improve memory.

You can choose:   an individual session adult-child,    a workshop/conference,   a workshop for conscious meditation,    individual sessions for personal development,   a group séance with 3 or more people (by reservation)

Medium consultations where I both improve your intuitive skills for better self understanding and take control of your destiny in order to improve happiness. This is done using Marseille Tarot cards and relaxation therapy together.

Séances lasting 2 hours, one hour or half an hour,   readings,   telephone readings.

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101 avenue wilson, 79200 Parthenay


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du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à midi et de 14h00 à 19h30 le samedi de 9h00 à 12h00 Tél : 06 76 58 91 48

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