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Juan Macia and Éric Bouloc met each other in 1985 in the southern countryside down near Albi. Over 35 years later it was in the Gâtine that they finally achieved their dream of owning a farm together!

In the 1990s they both set off for Paris and good jobs: Juan as director in one of France's major petrol companies and Eric director for a big hotel chain overseeing 15 posh hotels with restaurants, spas etc. But neither of them forgot their early dream of working the land, which was why their house was in the countryside in Seine-et-Marne.

Then in 2019 things started to change. Juan threw off the last effects of a long illness and Eric became disillusioned with the type of new investors arriving on the market and skewing business away from values long held dear (he was a UNESCO ambassador for the Biosphere at Fontainbleu) So he quit.

They had both been involved for a long while in protecting a very old race of goats called 'ditch goats' and this helped with the change from office to farm. When they started looking for farms they spread the net wide but it was, of all of the ones they viewed, la Moulière in Deux Sèvres which finally ticked all the boxes. They bought the farm and 32 hectares in 2021.

Now they wake up each morning with a happy smile. They have 2,000 square metres of organic veg (enough for all their needs), a flock of fifty ditch goats (doing their bit to ensure the survival of the race) and poultry of many kinds (chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys)

Eric is at the Parthenay market every Wednesday morning selling their eggs

Saturday mornings they sell directly from the farm, not just eggs but other farm produce as well. 

Definitely worth the trip to buy fresh from the farm!


Where to find us and what to do near by ?

la moulière, 79200 Châtillon-sur-Thouet


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mercredi matin devant les halles de Parthenay samedi matin à la ferme

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