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Enseigne peinte Parthenay - Kickapoos Enseigne peinte Parthenay - Kickapoos Décor salle de restaurant routier Enseigne, lettres peintes - galerie d\'Art - St Loup s/ Thouet Décor peint - Bar musical - Alès


Leïla designs and creates very different painted works. She can make your shop or restaurant sign, create your window writing or safety lettering. Her designs can be traditional to fit in with the buildings and locality but equally she can do modern interpretations, encouraging you to think outside the box, using eye-catching frescos (painting using natural pigments directly onto fresh lime render), tromp l’oeil or striking modern murals using acrylic paint.

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2 Jarzay, 79200 Saint-Germain-de-Longue-Chaume

Tel : 06 77 77 37 76

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