Rustic Bread


In her traditional bread-oven, faithful to her values, Catherine bakes using only local produce. She makes leaven (what the Americans call sourdough) bread with wholemeal flour which she grinds herself using locally grown cereals.

She uses no self-raising agents, it is the flour fermenting slowly which makes the bread rise. It does not rise as it would with yeast so her bread is more solid and chewier than everyday bread. However it is much more nourishing and more tasty!

She does three bakes a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and only works to order. She also makes brioches and biscuits.

Various places order her bread to sell (through the Association of Farmers Markets) for example the market at Forges, the cinema in Parthenay on a Tuesday and the Beaulieu market the first Friday of each month. You can also order and then collect directly from her house.

Catherine also has a 6 person gîte which can be rented for the weekend or for a week.

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

Mongaudier, 79420 Saint-Martin-du-Fouilloux


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du lundi au vendredi Tél : 07 81 28 08 17

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