At their farm in Chiché, Colette & Guy are passionate about the cultivation of Saffron Crocus and Sichuan Pepper, in a natural, environmentally friendly way.
Safran Poivre


Guy and Colette Barbier both worked in the ready-to-wear industry. Guy loves cooking and nature and after years in commerce he decided to start growing saffron as a sideline. This was a success and they started experimenting with saffron in foods and then branched out and started to grow sichuan pepper as well. So with saffron (crocus sativus) and sichuan pepper well established they launched their business called "Safran de la Chaise en Bocage"

What started as a hobby became a real second business and all the work in the garden and the kitchens had to be done outside their normal working hours! Colette has now retired and can devote even more time to working with saffron and pepper in her special kitchen! She makes cordials, jellies, jams and mustards, and by adding just the right quantities she brings out the subtle flavours of these two spices. It is this passion for flavour and willingness to spend time to get things just right that has led to them getting the title 'Master of Saffon and Sichuan Pepper' from the World Gastronomic Organisation.

Sichuan pepper, rose jelly with saffron, apple, salted toffee and saffron jam, saffon cordial... the list goes on! Colette has a whole host of recipes to tempt you, ones which she has tried and then tested on her family and friends!

Sichuan pepper is picked in October. It is hand-grown, harvested and prepared by Guy. With the Sichuan pepper berry you only use the outer skin in cooking. That is the part which has the concentrated flavour. The skins are dried and then can be used whole or crushed. Guy and Colette sell it  in their jams but also pure in small pots. 

One of the main roses they grow for their rose jelly is Centifolia. The petals have to be dried, which is a long and time-consuming stage. They are then used to flavour the jelly (with saffron of course!) and this is an ideal accompaniment to many dishes especially foie gras.

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