Organic farm, rearing sheep and Parthenay cattle


At the start of his farming career Anthony only had sheep and he fed them on concentrates as he hadn't enough land the graze the whole flock.

Bit by bit he has managed to enlarge the farm because he wanted to have enough pasture to feed his animals without buying commercial feed.

He finally had enough fields to keep all the animals fed from his own grass and hay.

Then he added a herd of cows! He chose Parthenay cattle because they are smaller than average, produce very tender meat and are good breeders.

He worked towards an organic label and has now achieved it. He sell various sized packs of lamb, beef and veal as well as cooked products like bolognaise, veal blanquettes, beef rillettes, spicy mutton pâtés etc.

He calls his products 'the delights of La Ménardière' and he sells them at the Monday evening market at La Pionnière in La Peyratte, on Wednesdays and alternate Saturday mornings at the market in Parthenay

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

2 lieu dit la ménardière, 79200 La Peyratte


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Du Lundi au samedi matin Tél : 06 82 14 93 25

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