The murmuring sound of water, the melody of birdsong and the soughing of the breeze
 Le bassin du jardin florentin Kiosque et Graminées


A magnificent spot The gardens run along the banks of the river Thouet, which is a tributary of the Loire.  It is in the heart of a valley especially prized by those who love nature.  It is quiet, calm and ideal for gentle strolls along the riverbank.  You are welcome to bring a picnic and spread out on the grass. The Seven Gardens Your visit will allow you to explore, one by one, the seven gardens which make up the whole estate.

  • Travellers’ Garden with an arboretum, species from all seven continents (even the arctic!), and a mixed group of ‘wandering’species which love to invade new territory.
  • Lovers’ Garden with its display of roses and its plants with hidden meanings.
  • Succulents’ Garden. A large collection of succulents, including Sempervivum
  • Artistic Garden with columns, pond and a Florentine inspired corner.
  • Yummy Garden with aromatic plants, vegetable patch, a section in the style of Charlemagne, a circle of four tomato beds with 49 varieties, another circle of beds for all the plants in the pumpkin family and a special area where unusual vegetables are grown.
  • Brave Man’s Garden with its impressive rockery.... and finally
  • The Garden of Time with a clock made out of flowers and a republican calendar.

In other words, garden styles for every taste! A Huge Range of Plants The gardens boast around 2000 different species of plant, so you will find something here all year round.  It is somewhere you need to visit several times, at different times of the year, to appreciate all its beauty and variety.  Equally, and because of the variety, we have large numbers of different birds who visit.  So much so that it is recognised by the ‘League for the Protection of Birds (LPO)’.  We have also made insect hotels.  Everything has been done to develop biodiversity to its maximum.

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

Lieu-Dit Le Gué de Flais, 79390 Lhoumois

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Items Price
Adults 6 €
children from 7 to 14 3 €
Under 7 years free
Guided tour 42 € par guide Groupes : une gratuité pour 7 personnes payantes (la 8ème ne paie pas), guide gratuit.

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Ouvert du 1 Avril au 31 Octobre, tous les jours, sauf le lundi, de 10h00 à 18h00.

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