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Christophe's orchards are tucked away in the countryside to the north of Secondigny (look for his sign on the right not long after you leave the outskirts) So these are genuine products from the heart of the Gâtine. He sells apples, pears, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines, all picked from his trees, which you can see from the farm shop.

All of his 5.2 hectares are farmed ecologically (according to the agreement for apple growers of France) and so all the fruits and juices are completely organic. They are on sale in various organic shops around the Gâtine, as well as at the farm.

Organic farming means that no chemicals are used on or around the trees or the soil, no genetically modified plants are allowed nearby, and all juices, honeys etc have been made without taste enhancers, colouring, chemical flavours, chemicals used to make them last longer and so on. The use of additives is very very restricted.

The aim is not only to give you, the consumer, a completely natural organic product but also to respect the environment and the well-being of animal life and to encourage bio-diversity, which makes a contribution towards resisting climate change.

Come and visit the shop and see for yourself!

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

le Chatellier, 79130 Secondigny

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Accepte la Gatinelle

Opening hours

le mercredi de 10h00 à 12h30 et de 15h00 à 18h00 le vendredi de 10h00 à 12h30 et de 15h00 à 18h30 le samedi de 10h00 à 12h 30 Tél : 06 09 36 54 47

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