Breeding and production of fine poultry products
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Our business "Le Renard Rouge" (the Red Fox) has been here in the heart of the Gâtine since 1989.  We take particular care with the breeding and selection of our stock of quail as well as the methods of rearing and slaughtering.


Here at the  Renard Rouge we have control of quail production from egg to adult.  Our birds therefore are continually available from fertilised eggs up to 6-week-old adults.  The size of our farm allows us to supply everything from a small family poultry run to a professional breeder. 


Once the quail are big enough they are slaughtered in a way which respects both the animal and current regulations.   Because our own abattoir is right in the middle of the farm, we avoid any constraints related to transport.  It's nearness limits the stress of transport, handling and waiting.  Our staff at the abattoir have been trained to respect the well-being of the birds and the inspection of carcasses. 

Our Shop

In our shop we have 100% quail products with no added fat.   We are continuously developing our products and our recipes which we change according to the seasons and our customers' requirements.

We offer a selection of different rillettes (quail, quail with candied lemons, quail with foie-gras...), jars of ready-prepared meals (quail parmentier with sweet potato, breast of quail with mint, curried quail legs) and of course the quintessential quail eggs. 

We also have ready-to-cook quail and pigeon, whole or cut up (breast, legs, etc.).

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop to check out our produce and we are also happy to give you cooking tips.

See you soon!





Where to find us and what to do near by ?

2, les Douves, 79200 Gourgé

Tel : 05 49 69 83 07

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Opening hours

Notre magasin est ouvert du mardi au jeudi 9h00/12h00 - 14h00/17h00 sauf le mercredi après-midi et le vendredi 9h00/12h00 - 14h00/16h15.

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