Photography: a Passion, an Art, a Way of Life
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Where am I and What do I use? My studio is in Chatillon-sur-Thouet and I have been there over ten years. I have all the professional photographic equipment needed to provide a high quality photographic service from the initial setting up of the shots, through editing and improving the images, to printing them in a variety of formats and on to different materials. What can I offer? I am available to take photos of many different sorts: weddings, studio sessions, portraits, photo reporting, architectural and industrial photos, school and sports photos.... My clients can therefore be individuals, groups, associations, businesses, schools, local or regional councils...  As well as still photography I make and edit videos. Another speciality is printing on to different materials. For example using your photos to make table mats, postcards, wedding announcements, flyers, signs.... I love my work!!! I am here to listen to you and find out exactly what you want from your project and how much you have to spend, then adapt what is done to your needs. My exhibition at Montier-en-Der in 2004 summed up what photography means to me (it was a series of extra large posters shown in the International Festival of Wildlife and Nature Photography) For me it is, and always will be, to produce high quality images which immortalise key moments of a life, to rewrite what we see, to provoke, to move, to capture a fleeting look, and to end with the feeling of satisfaction with the job done. Photography: a  Passion, an Art, a Way of Life

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7 impasse Edmond Rostand, 79200 Châtillon-sur-Thouet

Tel : 06 76 47 54 34

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