Relief by a variety of hypnotherapy and massage techniques


Problems with sleeping, stress, lumbago, anxiety, painful knees, blocked shoulders, shingles? Or problems with behaviour, concentration, communication?

Frédérique will be able to pinpoint the best therapy for your particular problem:

The malbot hypnotic technique works on emotional problems, allowing you to gently recover your confidence and take charge of your life.

The niromathé technique works on physical problems like tendonitis, vertigo, migraine and sciatica.

The neurolink procedure unlocks deep physical and/or emotional traumas which have become hardwired into the body. It gives you a rush of wellbeing! It is effective with children as well as adults, it works for everyone!

It allows a baby to recover from the trauma of a difficult birth but at the other end of the scale will help the elderly adjust to and live with an ageing body.

It restores energy, improves sleep patterns, aids recovery and concentration. It works on an emotional level to help people rediscover the emotion we can't live without: joy. Life is lighter and smiles more spontaneous after this procedure for releasing your vital energy.

Its effects are immediate and long term: it has already made a difference by the time the session is over but it continues to work throughout the weeks which follow. The effects differ for each person, but it is also adaptable to each person's needs. Neurolink ought to be better known!

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