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The main ambition of Radio Gâtine is to be like your family's best friend, always welcomed into your home. Murmuring gently into your ear all day long: from the crack of dawn for folk working in their cowsheds and stables, through coffee at the breakfast table, lunch in the kitchen, paperwork in the office in the afternoon or in the car on the way to a meeting right the way through to bedtime.

We aim to be your guide and counsel for everything that is going on in the Gâtine, but also to soothe you with music, keep you up to date about  happenings close by and further afield, amuse you, puzzle you, interest you! News, every type of music, stories, you name it: the 88.6 keeps you informed and amused non-stop the whole week long. Switch on, you will be surprised!

It's an excellent way to improve your French as well, words heard on the radio become familiar and you start to use them yourself! New vocabulary soaked up without effort!

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

22 boulevard de la Mailleraye, 79200 Parthenay

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Opening hours

du lundi au vendredi de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 17h

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