Gâtine Honeys which taste of the different flowers from Spring to Summer. Pollen. Swarms.
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At the Rucher de Pré Maingot I have a hundred hives of bees which produce honey, pollen and new swarms for sale

The hives are in woods and meadows just south of Parthenay

If the weather allows I collect the honey each month from April to August because this produces honey with different flavours according to the flowers from which the bees have been feeding.

The honey is sold in 3 sizes of jar: 1kg, 500g and 250g.

You can buy directly at the farm the third Saturday of each month from 10am to 12:30pm, at several markets, farmers' markets and shops which sell local produce. Before buying I give you a tasting (following the current health guidelines)

Fresh pollen is sorted and frozen as soon as it is harvested. This ensures it retains all its nutritional properties. It is sold in 250g pouches, to order only.

Swarms (on 5 frames) are available twice in the year: at the start of Spring (with a queen from the previous year, they are ready to start harvesting straight away) or the beginning of Summer (with a new queen born in the Spring and they will be ready to begin harvesting in July/August) Swarm are only sold by pre-order.


Where to find us and what to do near by ?

33 rue du pré Maingot, 79200 Parthenay

Tel : 07 81 11 59 94


Items Price
Pots de 1 kg de 10 à 12.50 €
Pots de 500 g de 6.20 à 7.50 €
Pots de 250 g de 3.75 à 4.60 €

Payment methods

Accepte la Gatinelle

Opening hours

le 3ème samedi du mois, de 10 h à 12 h 30 ou sur RV (Tel: 07 81 11 59 94)

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