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The Diff'art hall is used for concerts but also for training and practising contemporary music. It was opened in 1988 in an empty animal barn on the agricultural market in Parthenay. It was renovated for its new use by enthusiasts and for enthusiasts! In 2002 the running was taken over by the association Trastroots which changed its name in 2018 to Diff'art. So a lot of years of music and concerts of all varieties have happened since then and the old barn has become a cultural landmark for music in the Gâtine. This is where new music is composed practised and performed!

Diff'art is part of a national network called FEDELIMA  which has 144 members, all places where new music is being composed. It also belongs to the Rock School network and holds the presidency of the 'Musiques Actuelles 79' network. It works alongside RIM (a musicians' network) and other groups across Nouvelle Aquitaine.

« A small space of freedom amid a huge animal market » (Pierre, Burning Heads)

What is on the playlist? The Diff'art concert hall helps to promote new talent and new styles in music alongside established names. The playlist therefore is eclectic in the type of music and the style of the musicians: from new talent to established headliners both local, national and international. Everyone is welcome, there are concerts all year round, on average twenty five per year.

Teaching The Rock School Diff'art which opened in September 2011, offers quality teaching with the emphasis on working together, meeting other musicians and playing for fun. The teaching is based on the Rock School principles: none of the theory or learning the specialised vocabulary, just picking up an instrument and having a go, in groups, challenging each other in a fun way. There is no 'curriculum' and no exams: you can stand up and play for others from the start if you wish, you are encouraged to be creative rather than learning set pieces, and you can concentrate on the styles of music which you like best.

Support One of Diff'art's main purposes is to support musicians in their work, both amateurs and professionals. To this end they organise residencies, hire out their studio and the musical equipment needed so that groups have the best conditions in which to develop, practise and perfect their ideas. The practise space is well equipped and ideal for amateurs. Professional musicians come to work out all the details of a new show: they can work on their music (of course) but also on wording, movement, special effects, stage management, props, lighting, sound mixing....


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15 rue Salvador Allende, 79200 Parthenay

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